U.S. News & World Report Rankings

U.S. News & World Report published its annual law school rankings, and BYU Law School is listed as #34 out of 194 law schools evaluated by the publication. Jim Rasband, Dean of BYU Law, expressed gratitude for this recognition of the Law School’s quality but noted:  “U.S. News alone does not capture all that we are striving to accomplish at BYU Law School. No ranking can do that.”  The U.S. News metric about which Dean Rasband was most proud was the entering credentials and quality of the students at BYU Law. He noted that the students “had always been the crown jewel of the Law School” and that the current students “carried on that tradition.”

Speaking of how prospective students use the rankings in their decision about where to attend law school, Dean Rasband said, “Prospective students are best served by carefully studying each law school and recognizing that all rankings are a product of what they choose to measure. For example, whereas U.S. News bases its ranking partly on how much a school spends, rankings that look at value produce different results." Four years ago, Malcolm Gladwell published a piece in The New Yorker magazine in which he found that if the rankings considered only student LSAT scores, faculty publishing, and value for dollar spent, BYU Law would finish #2 in the country. Last year, the National Jurist magazine ranked BYU Law #1 for "best value" in private law schools.  "The key for a prospective student is to consider the full range of experiences and opportunities available at a law school rather than reducing the decision to a single ranking number,” Dean Rasband said.