Women in Law

November 14, 2018

The “Women in Law” group hosted the event titled, “Women’s Perspectives in the Law: Is Law School Right for Me?” Those in attendance had the opportunity to hear from Justice Christine Durham of the Utah Supreme Court followed by a panel of female law practitioners.
Justice Durham said that while she attended law school at Duke University there were only two percent of women in the profession of law. Today the number of women in law has risen dramatically to roughly 40 percent. Although these numbers are rising, Durham is still passionate about getting more women in the law.
Following her comments the evening continued with a panel of women including Justice Durham, Catherine Bramble (former prelaw advisor at BYU), Susannah Thomas (attorney at the U.S. Department of the Interior), and Elaine Young (shareholder at Kirton McConkie). Students were able to ask questions about the panelists’ careers and life experience.
Durham closed with her thoughts about equality in the workplace by saying, “If you want a cause to fight for, this is the one.”
This event helped many women network and ask questions. It provided insight to those researching whether law is a good fit for their future.