Women In The Law Panel

January 22, 2015

A panel of female law practitioners will discuss problems women face as they enter the professional workforce. Panel members have impressive backgrounds with decades of experience as lawyers. Food will be served. Those attending must RSVP at http://wil-panel.rsvpify.com. When: Tuesday, January 27th, 12 p.m. Where: 206 JRCB RSVP: http://wil-panel.rsvpify.com Panelists will address several questions including: How do you take initiative or be assertive at work without being perceived as bossy? If you have children, how did/do you handle childcare? Did you take maternity leave, and if so, did you feel like it set you back in your career? Do you feel you are more successful when you have female bosses/supervisors rather than male bosses/supervisors? Do you have any advice for when/how to negotiate for an initial salary or a raise? Attendees are invited to bring additional questions for the panel. Click on the names below for bio information: Erin Preston Lorie Fowlke Barbara Melendez Kim Buhler Laura Cabanilla