Woody Deem Trial Ad Winners

November 26, 2018

Weeks of trial preparation came to a conclusion February 2, 2015, at BYU Law’s Woody Deem 1L Trial Advocacy competition. After surviving rounds of elimination, Anna Caruso and Brooke Ellis, as counsel for the plaintiff, and Samantha Scott and Matt Jaynes, counsel for the defense, faced off in the final round.

This year’s case saw parents bring suit against the manufacturers of a high chair, claiming their son asphyxiated as a result of poor product design and unclear warning labels. The parents had left their child in the care of their babysitter, Ms. Hemlock. Hemlock had removed safety straps from the chair, fearing other children under her care might pull on the straps, toppling the high chair and injuring the children. Defendants claimed the babysitter’s tampering with the chair voided their company of any liability.

Plaintiffs and defendants put forth their polished performances in the courtroom. After the legal dust had settled, Brooke Ellis was named the winner with her partner Anna Caruso the runner-up.

BYU Law’s Trial Advocacy team congratulates the winners and thanks all participants for another year of solid preparation and strong arguments.