Working in the Juvenile Court

November 13, 2018

BYU Law alum Judge Suchada Bazzelle ‘94 spoke to law students about her work in the juvenile court.

Judge Bazzelle is passionate about her work. “I love working in a juvenile court because this is where the action is,” she said. “If you really want to make a difference, this is where you want to be.”

According to Judge Bazzelle, the goal of the juvenile court is “a safe and happy family for all.” She explained that there are two sides in the juvenile court — the delinquency side and the child welfare side.

Most of Judge Bazzelle’s time goes to delinquency cases. A majority of the felony cases that she works on involves drugs. She also deals with cases concerning the abuse and neglect of children. “I decide whether it’s safe for the child to go home or not,” she said. “I can make the decisions that I think are best for the family and see them carry it out.”

Judge Bazzelle was appointed to the Fourth District Juvenile Court in January 2007 by Governor Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.