Alternative Dispute Resolution


The ADR Society Mission

ADR Society’s mission is to increase student awareness, provide educational opportunities, and advance the use of non-litigious means of resolving disputes through guest speakers, presentations, training sessions, and competitions. The ADR Society also keeps students informed of ADR opportunities in the local community and encourages students to take advantage of them.

ADR Society is for all Students

We encourage all students to join the ADR Society and participate in its array of activities. The ADR Society benefits all law students, even those interested solely in traditional law practice, by helping them learn how to effectively resolve disputes with opposing counsel via the negotiation process.

Negotiation Competitions

At the beginning of each Fall semester, the ADR Society sponsors a negotiation competition for 2L and 3L students to help them develop their negotiation skills. The winning teams represent BYU Law School in the ABA Regional Competition shortly thereafter. During Winter semester, the ADR Society also sponsors a negotiation competition for 1Ls.


During each Fall semester, the ADR Society sponsors a Negotiate Your Salary Clinic, which gives students useful tools and insights to use in negotiating their salary both right out of law school and throughout their careers. During the Winter semester, the ADR Society hosts a panel compiled of individuals who have made careers out of Alternative Dispute Resolution. This panel helps students recognize the widespread application of ADR in many different legal careers. The ADR Society also co-sponsors numerous events with other student organizations throughout the school year as well.


Trevor Furner


Micheal McKinley

Vice President

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Board Member

Nate Schmutz

1L Representative

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1L Representative

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