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The Government & Politics Legal Society (GPLS) focuses on helping students gain knowledge about careers, service, and externships in government. It is the only club that also puts on a CLE, giving students a change to interact with practitioners in the community.

State and Local Government Conference: 
The Annual State and Local Government Conference will be held during winter semester. Hundreds of state, county, and city attorneys, judges, and administrators will convene for the State and Local Government Conference.  At the conference, students, academics and practitioners collectively examine pressing issues spanning the areas of civil, criminal, and political law.  Students are invited to attend the conference free of charge and are encouraged to volunteer at the event. This conference is planned every year entirely by the GPLS members of the Conference Committee.

Speaker events: 
The GPLS Speaker Committee invites prominent legal practitioners and politicians to come to the law school and share their experiences with the law school community. These activities not only inform students about issues in the public sector, but also familiarize students with the number and variety of employment opportunities in government and politics and motivate them to become civically involved.

Each member of GPLS Board is actively involved in planning and organizing the State and Local Government Conference or the speaker events. Interested students may also become general members and assist board members in their responsibilities.  This is an excellent way be considered for a board position for the following year.  Any student interested in joining GPLS should contact Zachary Zundel for information on how to join.

For more information or if you have any questions, please contact Zachary Zundel, GPLS President (


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William Bates

Vice President

Carson Fuller

Executive Secretary

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Director of Advertising

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Conference Committee Co-chair

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Conference Committee Co-chair

Jack Krainock

Director of Logistics

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Events Officer

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Events Officer


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