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Healthcare Industry Association – Law Chapter

The Law Chapter of the Healthcare Industry Association aims to:

  1. Foster networking opportunities for members of the healthcare community and students, 
  2. Educate students about health law,  and 
  3. Provide healthcare-related service opportunities to benefit the local community.

Fostering Networking Opportunities

The Health Care Industry Association – Law Chapter is a part of the BYU Healthcare Industry Association Graduate Division. This partnership with other graduate students seeking to enter the healthcare industry aids law students in developing personal connections network of healthcare administrators and providers.

Everyone is welcome, including those law students with casual interest as well as those considering a specialty in healthcare law. 

  • Follow this link to the Marriott School clubs directory
  • Scroll down and select Healthcare Industry Association
  • If you are a law student or other graduate student, select the Graduate Chapter option.  Undergraduate student, Select the Undergraduate Chapter option.
  • Select Register Now and follow the instructions to register.

Educating Students

Recommended Law Courses

The Healthcare Industry Association recommends the following courses for law students.

Law 707 – Health Law and Policy

Learning Outcomes

Course Description 

Health Law and Policy is the key course for students preparing to practice health law or to work with healthcare providers, medical records, personal injuries, or public health and safety in another legal practice area or regulator framework.

Law 602 – Administrative Law

Learning Outcomes

Course Description

Many legal concerns for healthcare providers are resolved within the administrative legal system rather than civil or criminal systems. 

Law 622 Employment Law

Learning Outcomes

Course Description

Employment issues often arise as lawyers represent healthcare providers or the organizations that employ them. In addition, this course discusses many workplace policies that arise out of health and safety regulations.

Law 625 – Evidence

Learning Outcomes

Course Description

Health Law requires proper management of many forms of evidence including medical records, laboratory records, personnel files, and preparation of expert witnesses in a manner that maintains the proper chain of custody and other requirements for admissibility in legal proceedings.

Recommended Non-Law Courses – Healthcare Industry Emphasis

In addition to coursework in the law school, law students may take up to six credits of non-law graduate-level courses toward completion of their law degree and additional courses for professional development if desired. The following non-law courses are recommended for law students seeking to work in the healthcare industry and qualify members for the Healthcare Industry Scholarship.

MBA 588 – Healthcare Industry Dynamics

Course Description

MPA 589R – Healthcare Executive Lectures

Course Description

Service Opportunities


The HIA-Law Chapter officers serve as liaisons between the Law School, the BYU Healthcare Industry Association, and external partners. 

Service Project

The HIA-Law Chapter provides healthcare-oriented service opportunities to connect the legal community to patients and providers. These service opportunities aim to improve the health of our community, especially to increase access to healthcare. 



Natallia Dümmar

Co-President - Internal Relations

Melanie Jones-Canon

Co-President - External Relations

Matthew Johnson


Greg Matis

Industry Advisor

Brook Gotberg

Faculty Advisor

Glen Collyer

Career Advisor

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