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A network of spouses, couples, and families at BYU LAW. Our vision is to create a support system where spouses can help each other through friendships, service, and fun activities. We host a number of events throughout the year that range from educational classes to a free clothing exchange.
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LAWSA Committees

LAWSA is organized into committees to allow everyone to participate in planning activities. The committees plan and provide many different activities each month. A few examples of past activities include family photo sessions, book clubs, socials, date nights, play groups, a fitness challenge, dinner groups and free clothing exchanges. Joining a committee allows you to become more involved and get to know other spouses as you help to plan and carry out different activities. You do not have to join a committee’s planning team to participate in their activities. If you’re interested in joining a committee, send an email to and we’ll connect you with the committee chair.


The education committee plans activities that will enrich the lives of the law spouses and their families through secular and spiritual learning. They seek out experts from within LAWSA as well as the community from different fields to share their knowledge and expertise. This committee will oversee educational activities related to learning new skills and hobbies, spiritual education, hosting guest speakers and discussing topics that will strengthen family relationships during law school and prepare families for the future in the legal profession. Recent past activities include a monthly book club, a mock law class, and infant CPR training. We would love to tap into to the talent that exists within LAWSA, so please consider how you might share what you know with us!


The family committee’s role is to support families with children in the LAWSA program by providing a variety of activities including, but not limited to, play groups, park days, field trips, holiday parties, and activities for first time moms. Our goal is to strengthen family relationships and provide parents the opportunity to learn and grow in their roles as well as enrich the family life.


Promotes unity and friendship within LAWSA and provides opportunities to build relationships and help every member feel welcome. They will be in charge of activities which are more social in nature such as dinner groups, getting to know you activities, activities for spouses without children, group date nights and Girl’s Night Outs.

Gifts of the Heart Exchange

This is a SERVICE opportunity run by MBASA, to help set up the Gift of the Heart Exchange Events — a free clothing and items exchange that occurs four times during the school year. Donations of gently used men, women, and children’s items come from Kid to Kid in Lehi & Lindon. Donations also come from MBASA members, LAWSA members, BYU students, and the community. We work with the MBASA and other Grad School spouses to provide this free service for our members.


The purpose of this committee is to support LAWSA members and their families in healthy living while promoting unity and providing friendship opportunities. This includes exercise (in all forms) and nutrition. Activities may include family hikes, organized walking/running group, kids classes, nutrition classes, etc.

This committee is less than 2 years old and committed to serving those in and out of LAWSA. They bring meals to new moms, struggling families, or just people who might need a boost. We are planning a couple service projects as well. This committee helps fill gaps in other committees when needed and is there to help members feel like they have a place within LAWSA.



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