Minority Law Students Association


The Minority Law Students Association welcomes all students interested in fostering a culturally diverse community here at BYU Law.

Purpose of MLSA

  • Provide a forum for minority law students or any student interest in minority issues
  • Share the values and ideals of our different cultures and heritages with the law school community
  • Help promote BYU’s image as a multinational and multicultural educational institution
  • Assist the Law School to identify and recruit minority law students who will take on the ideals of this association



Camila N. QuiƱones


Stephen Arroyo

Head Vice President

Sala McCarthy-Stonex, Diana Flores

VPs of Activities

Malcolm Torino, Jake Tuimauawga

VPs of Relations


3L Rep

Moriah Beaver

2L Rep


1L Rep

Carl Hernandez

Faculty Adviser

Upcoming Events