Moot Court


Moot Court is a program designed to give law students experience in appellate advocacy. Its benefit lies in the invaluable practical experience its members receive. All First Year students learn Moot Court skills by writing an appellate brief and giving an oral argument for their second semester advocacy class. In conjunction with the activities of their advocacy class, First Year students are encouraged to submit their brief to Moot Court and to participate in the 1L Moot Court Competition.

The 1L Moot Court Competition is the primary mechanism by which 1Ls apply to the team, and invitations to new team members will be extended during the summer.
During the first semester of their second year, Moot Court members will participate in an intraschool competition – the Rex E. Lee competition – to determine BYU’s National Moot Court team. The four finalists in this competition and the two best brief writers will go on to represent the school in regional and national ABA competitions during their third year.
Others who progress in the competition may apply to compete in other competitions around the country during winter semesters of their 2L and 3L years. In years past the Law School has sent teams to ten different competitions around the country. These competitions often focus on specific topics, such as securities law, civil rights, or religious liberty. In addition, all members will also have the opportunity of acting as editors and judges for the first year competitions.
Participation in the Moot Court program is an excellent opportunity for students to hone their brief writing and oral advocacy skills in preparation for their professional lives.



Landon Laycock


Morgan Drake

Vice-President of Academics

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Vice-President of Communications

Brianna Rosier & Karl Kowallis

Rex E. Lee Competition Chair

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1L Moot Court Competition Chairs

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Travel Team Chair

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Bench Team Chair

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