Tax Law Society


What Is Tax Law Society?

The Tax Law Society is here to inform students about the different career paths offered in the field of tax law. Some of those careers include

  • Tax Litigation (law firm)
  • M&A Tax (law or accounting firm)
  • International Tax (law or accounting firm)
  • Trust and Estate Planning (law firm)
  • In-house tax positions in corporations
  • Government (IRS)

A career in tax offers more predictability than other legal practice areas, the ability to work on a wide variety of legal issues, and many opportunities to go in-house.

Our goal is to be able to help you to understand whether a career in tax law is right for you through information sessions with various professionals in tax law.

Do I Need Prior Experience in Tax?

No prior experience in tax or accounting? No problem! Guest speakers who had no prior tax or accounting background will share about their paths to tax law. We will also share ways you can learn more about tax now such as participating in BYU’s VITA program or taking one of the tax classes offered here at BYU Law.

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Here is a link to a folder that contains resources for students.


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