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The purpose of the BYU Trial Advocacy team is to prepare students for a smooth transition from the study of law to the practice of law by developing basic litigation skills that serve any area of legal practice. The Trial Advocacy Program develops highly skilled future courtroom litigators who are nationally recognized for their professional excellence, drive, competitiveness, competence, and success.



Participants in Trial Advocacy get to participate in monthly training sessions.  These monthly trainings are given by a variety of successful attorneys focusing on areas of greatest concern for new trial attorneys.  Our goal is to help you walk out of law school and into a courtroom.  

This year’s training schedule will be posted shortly.

BYU also now offers a week-long Trial Academy in conjunction with the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (“NITA”) to interested 1L’s at the end of Winter Semester. This program began in 2018 and teaches students trial skills through intense and repetitive practice.



An essential part of learning trial advocacy skills is actual participation and active learning, which is why we are committed to not just telling you how to be a good advocate, but providing participants a place to try-out their developing skills with drills and practices paired with meaningful feedback and coaching.  



BYU competes in both the TYLA and AAJ National Competitions. In preparation for these competitions BYU holds the Linda Anderson Trial Advocacy Competition—an intraschool Trial Advocacy Tournament—every fall.



In 2020 the J. Reuben Clark Law school has been invited to participate in the Tournament of Champions, a national invitation-only competition that showcases some of the nation’s top law students from 16 of the top trial advocacy institutions. 

From a former member: 

“Trial Advocacy was my favorite thing about BYU Law. As a 1L I participated in the inaugural Trial Academy – an intense (but fun) week that helped me learn basic trial skills and get my feet wet in the courtroom. After the Academy, I knew that trial ad was where I wanted to spend my time in law school. I was lucky enough to be selected for the school’s TYLA team that next fall. … Through trial ad I made great friends, learned from great mentors, and even had the chance to mentor and teach lowerclassmen. I highly recommend trial ad to any law student who is looking to develop trial skills.”

Ali Poulson; Arnold & Itkin; Former Woody Deem Chair (2018-19), National Semi-Finalist (National Trial Competition – TYLA 2019), Tournament of Champions Competitor (2019).

Trial Advocacy Board 2020-2021

Shawn Howell, Traveling Team Coach, 

Attorney at Utah County Public Defender Assoc.




Marissa Paxman Flowerday



Andrew Birkinsha


Marissa Paxman


Grace Johnson


Davin Guinn


Amber McFee


Misty Hope & Lindsay Combs

Linda Anderson Competition Chairs

Simon McHenry

Pro Bono Chair

Chery Yang

Skills and Training chairs

Cory Thompson & Taylor Larsen

First Year Recruitment Chairs

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