Chairs and Professorships – BYU J. Reuben Clark Law School

Chairs and Professorships

The Law School’s endowed chairs and professorships have been funded by generous donations from alumni and friends. They recognize faculty who have produced a record of high-quality teaching and scholarship and create an incentive for continuing accomplishments.



Ernest L. Wilkinson Chair


J. Clifton Fleming (Edward L. Kimball)
Guy Anderson Chair


Frederick Gedicks (Robert E. Riggs, Carl S. Hawkins)
Rex E. Lee Chair


Brett G. Scharffs (David A. Thomas, Thomas D. Morgan)
Ivan Meitus Chair


Kif Augustine-Adams
George Sutherland Chair


A. Christine Hurt



Susa Young Gates Professorship


W. Cole Durham, Jr.
Robert K. Thomas Professorship


John W. Welch



Robert W. Barker Professorship


Matthew Jennejohn (Richard G. Wilkins)
Hugh W. Colton Professorship


Kevin J WorthenJames R. Rasband
Terry L. Crapo Professorship


(Stanley D. Neeleman)
Woodruff J. Deem Professorship


(Michael Goldsmith)
Marion B. and Rulon A. Earl Professorship


James D. Gordon
Glen L. Farr Professorship


D. Gordon Smith
Bruce C. Hafen Professorship


Lynn D. Wardle
Wayne M. and Connie C. Hancock Professorship


David H. Moore
H. Reese Hansen Professorship


Howard W. Hunter Professorship


(H. Reese Hansen)
Charles E. Jones Professorship


(Kif Augustine-Adams)
Francis R. Kirkham Professorship


(Brett G. Scharffs, C. Douglas Floyd)
Stanley D. Neeleman Professorship


Rex J. and Maureen E. Rawlinson Professorship


(Christine Hurt)
Stephen L. Richards Professorship


Lisa Grow Sun (James H. Backman)
Marion G. Romney Professorship


(Larry Farmer, Gerald R. Williams)
Edwin M. Thomas Professorship


(Cheryl B. Preston)
Class of 1976 Professorship