Study Abroad at Central European University

Under an agreement with Central European University (CEU) in Budapest, Hungary, each year two J. Reuben Clark Law School (BYU Law) students are eligible to study at CEU during CEU’s fall semester.  Students receive notice of the details of this program each year in a memorandum from Professor Cliff Fleming but should also feel free to contact Professor Fleming directly.

The CEU program came about because a high percentage of BYU Law students speak foreign languages and have lived abroad and are thus interested in international legal studies and careers.  The faculty also believe that, whatever the professional setting in which law students intend to practice, all law students should be prepared to serve in a “globalized” society.

In response to this conviction, BYU Law offers a wide range of both foundation and specialized courses in public and private international law, as well as opportunities for enrichment from other departments of the university.  To supplement these offerings, BYU Law and CEU entered into a tuition-free student exchange arrangement under which two CEU students may attend BYU Law each winter semester and up to two BYU Law students may attend CEU each fall semester.  BYU Law’s educational objectives with respect to this exchange are:

1.      To allow BYU Law students to study in the international, comparative and human rights curricula of CEU, which are richer than BYU offerings in these areas.

2.      To allow BYU Law students to study under the CEU faculty, which is composed primarily of visitors from the best law schools in Europe and the United States.

3.      To allow BYU Law students to study in an international environment with the CEU students, who have already received their first degrees in law, who are among the brightest law graduates in Central and Eastern Europe and Western Asia, and who have had substantially different life experiences than BYU Law students.

4.      To allow BYU students in Provo to study with visiting students from CEU.