Directed Research

All full-time instructors are authorized to approve academic credit for Directed Research for students who have completed their first year of study.  No more than two credit hours may be approved for a student in any semester, with no more than four cumulative credits.

Directed Research cannot be approved as an alternative means of taking a course that is offered in the Law School, even though scheduling difficulties might prevent a student from taking a course that he or she desires to take.

Directed Research credit may be approved only for a project in which the research proposal, the grade rule and the credit hours have been agreed upon in advance by the supervising instructor, and where that instructor can give guidance during the development of the project.  Written notice of the approved proposal needs to be submitted by the instructor to the Law School Registrar within two weeks of the start of the semester.

Students taking Directed Research must submit to the supervising instructor written work consisting of a completed draft of a research paper or memorandum of law containing either criticism of the law relating to the topic area or synthesis of legal source materials into a statement of the law in the topic area.  A minimum of 50 hours of work is required for each hour of credit awarded.

No Directed Research credit shall be awarded for research substantially used to earn credit in any Co-Curricular program (Law 792R and Law 793R).

Instructors are under no obligation to supervise Directed Research projects, but they should not in any event be requested to undertake to supervise more than a total of two students in externships, Directed Research, or a combination of both in any semester.

A student may register for Directed Research credit only during Fall or Winter semester.