Duplication of Credits

A student may not submit for credit in a course or seminar substantially the same paper or other work product that he or she has prepared for:

  • another course,
  • another seminar,
  • an employer,
  • any other non-university activity,

unless the following requirements are all met

1. The paper as submitted shall not have been edited by the employer or other law-trained person (including law students);

2. There has been full disclosure and advance consent by all persons involved in any instructional or supervisory capacity in the course or seminar;

3. The research and writing must have been substantially performed during or immediately prior to the semester or term for which the course credit is awarded;

4. No credit in a course or seminar shall be awarded for work substantially used to earn credit in a co-curricular program; and

5. The student must not have received compensation for the paper or other work product.