Dismissal for Grades & Re-admission

If, at the completion of any winter semester, a student has a cumulative grade average below 2.7, he or she shall be dismissed from school and a letter of dismissal will be sent. The student may then petition in writing for readmission to the Associate Dean for Research and Academic Affairs. When a student has repeated a course, only the grade earned in the second taking of the course will be used in calculating the grade point average for purposes of this section.

When necessary to consider questions of readmission, the Associate Dean for Research and Academic Affairs shall name two faculty members to sit with him or her as a Readmission Committee to determine the matter. If readmission is denied and the student requests it, the file shall be circulated to the entire full-time faculty. If five or more of the faculty request it, the matter shall be scheduled for full faculty discussion.

If, at the close of the semester in which a student completes the requirements for graduation, the student has a cumulative grade-point average below 2.7, the Readmission Committee may allow the student to continue for only one additional semester to raise the grade-average above 2.7. In no event will a student be permitted to graduate with a cumulative grade average less than 2.7.