Examplify Software

The Law School has approved students to use their laptop computers to take final exams when using Examplify Software.  Students may not use their computer as a reference to notes, outlines, Internet, etc., even if the exam is open book.

It is the responsibility of each student to complete the following requirements before final exams begin:

1. Download the software from the law school website.  Students who need help or have questions about downloading the software should contact the HelpDesk.

2. Take a practice exam.

Each student is responsible to make sure his/her computer is in working condition.  If a laptop breaks before final exams, the student should make necessary arrangements to get it repaired or replaced.  Otherwise, the student must write the exam.

If a laptop crashes or freezes during the final exam, the student should immediately begin writing in a Bluebook while turning off and restarting their computer.  When Examplify returns, the exam can continue to be taken by laptop.  Examplify saves content every 60 seconds.  After the exam, the student should tell the proctor that the computer crashed during the exam and immediately take the laptop to the HelpDesk to retrieve, if possible, any recoverable portion of the exam from the computer.