Professors' Responsibility for Exams

Each faculty member is responsible for facilitating the administration of his or her final exams by himself or herself, or by the proctors working under the supervision of the Exam Superintendent. Each faculty member whose exam is to be given to a class in the Law School should be available in the law building while the exam is being taken in case a question or emergency regarding the exam arises. If a faculty member cannot be in the building while the exam is being taken, he or she should arrange for another faculty member to represent him or her in performing those functions and should notify the Exam Superintendent, as early as possible before the exam, who the proxy will be. Alternatively, the faculty member can leave a phone number on the instruction sheet where he or she can be reached during the exam by the Exam Superintendent if needed.

The law school staff, under the supervision of the Exam Superintendent, will proctor only the final exams that are given according to the exam schedule or as otherwise approved by the Exam Superintendent. Law school staff ordinarily will provide assistance in copying, distributing, collecting, receiving, holding, and other proctoring functions for scheduled final exams. Faculty should consider the exam proctoring burdens of the staff that perform such functions, and should cooperate with the Exam Superintendent and staff to alleviate unnecessary burdens.