Rescheduling Exams for Individual Students

All students shall take their exams at the regularly scheduled times unless they receive permission from the Assistant Dean for Internal and Student Relations for an exception. Permission for an exception (including permission for additional time) may be granted only for a compelling reason. The following generally will not be considered compelling reasons: (1) exams scheduled on sequential days, (2) two exams scheduled on the same day, (3) conflict with travel plans or reservations, (4) conflict with weddings, receptions, or similar events, (5) conflict with employment plans, (6) illness, or injury, unless a medical professional indicates in writing that the illness or injury is very likely to significantly diminish the student’s capacity to perform on the exam at the scheduled time, or (7) English as a second language, if the student has studied at an English language university for two academic years or longer, unless it is determined that the student had deficient English language skills at the time of admission.

Students who have documented disabilities should contact the Assistant Dean for Internal and Student Relations and complete the form that notifies the Exam Superintendent of the need to provide appropriate accommodations for the student during the exam period before the posted deadline.

If an exception is granted, students shall be given a revised exam schedule by the Exam Superintendent. Ordinarily, the student should take the rescheduled exam on the same day as the scheduled exam.

Students who need to petition for an exception may do so on a form provided by the Exam Superintendent or online – Request_for_Time_Change. The petition must be submitted to the Assistant Dean for Internal and Student Relations before the posted deadline, at least three weeks before the beginning of the exam period, unless an emergency (such as serious illness, injury, or death of a close family member) prevents such timely submission. The petition shall state in detail the compelling reason for taking the exam at another time. The Assistant Dean for Internal and Student Relations, with input as needed from the Associate Dean for Research and Academic Affairs, may grant the petition if he or she concludes that the reasons are compelling and that all other circumstances, including consideration of administrative burdens and protection of the integrity of the examination process, warrant granting the petition. Upon receiving the completed Petition and making the decision, a copy of the Petition shall be returned to the Exam Superintendent indicating whether the petition is granted or denied; and if granted, the Exam Superintendent shall assign the time, place and other circumstances of the rescheduled exam. The Exam Superintendent shall keep copies of all petitions filed, indicating the decision, for one year.

Students whose petitions are approved the Assistant Dean for Internal and Student Relations shall be contacted by the Exam Superintendent during the week before the final exams to receive instructions and their exam schedule.