Hours Per Semester

First-year students must register for the required first-year courses. Optional courses, which are highly recommended, are: Professional Seminar, Professional Development Lecture Series, and Professional Development Skills Training.

Students may not register for upper-division Law School credit during their first year. first year.

From time to time, a student will encounter unanticipated challenges during the first year of law school that may require a reduced course load. Any such course load reduction must be approved by both the Assistant Dean of Students and the Associate Dean for Research and Academic Affairs. Circumstances that may result in an approved course load reduction in the first or second semesters of law school include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) documented disabilities; (2) unanticipated student health issues; and (3) family emergencies. If a student does not complete all required first-year courses (as listed in Section VIII.A (1)) during the first year of law school, the student should complete those required courses in the second year of law school. The Associate Dean for Research and Academic Affairs must review and approve the student’s proposed schedule for the second year of law school to ensure (1) the student completes the required first-year courses in a timely fashion, and (2) the student does not register for any upper- division courses that rely heavily on an uncompleted first-year course.

Second- and third-year students may not enroll for more than 16 law school credits toward the degree in any semester without the permission of the Law School Registrar. By ABA rule, the Law School Registrar may not approve any student request to register for more than 18 credit hours. The 18 credit hour limit may not be circumvented by enrollment at another law school.