Repeating Courses

A student who receives a grade of 2.1 or less in a required course must repeat the course until he or she receives a 2.2 or more. A student who receives a grade of 2.6 or less in a course may repeat the course one time unless the grade was assigned for academic misconduct. When a course is repeated, all grades will appear on the law school transcript and will be calculated into the cumulative grade point average for all purposes, except for dismissal under Section IV. Credits for the repeated course will be counted only once toward the number of credits required for graduation under Section VIII.B. In order to repeat a course, the student must otherwise be in good standing or be re-admitted to continue on probation.

In the case of seminar classes (Law 795R and 796R) a student will not be permitted to repeat the class because the class material, title and section may have been changed.