Credit Hours

The number of credits required for graduation is 90. Credits for a course repeated under Section III.F will be counted only once toward the number of credits required for graduation.

A maximum of 4 hours of Directed Research will be allowed toward graduation.

A maximum of 21 hours of cumulative credit will be allowed toward graduation for courses of the types listed in ABA Standard 311, Interpretation 311-1(b). These courses currently include Externships, Clinical Alliances, Co-Curriculars, courses involving other moot court or trial advocacy competitions, and credits received in non-law classes, including joint degree credits. The Associate Dean for Faculty and Curriculum is authorized each year to determine which courses currently offered fall under this limitation, and courses shall be designated as such on student registration materials.

For students entering the law school as first-year students in August 2017 or later:

A maximum of 12 hours of Clinical Alliance (780R) and Externship (599R) credits will be allowed toward graduation, subject to the exception for full-time externships outside the state of Utah in a program approved by the law school in Section II.I.2.H.4.

A maximum of 6 hours of Co-Curricular credit from Law 792R and Law 793R will be allowed toward graduation.