Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t see the password for the PDF, where is it?

You have to click into the Canvas quiz that is labeled as the exam. Once you start the quiz, the password should be in the first or last question–depending on whether it is all written or has a multiple-choice component. If you can’t find it there, email or call your exam proctor.


Do we get any extra time for downloading and printing the exam?

Yes, if the exam has an essay/short answer component, the law school has added 15 minutes to each exam. The exception is if a professor has specifically requested that it not be added because they have already taken the new format into consideration when they wrote their exam.

No, if the exam is entirely multiple choice.


Where can we see the added time?

In Canvas-based exams, when you start the exam, there is a timer typically on the right side of your screen. It will list the total time for the exam and will count down your time remaining.


What if I start late?

For exams scheduled at a specific time, you will lose time on your exam. This is one of the few ways that online exams are like in-class exams. If you are late to the exam, you have less time to complete it.


If I am taking the exam from a different time zone, what time should I take my exam?

Canvas’ clock is set to Mountain Daylight Time. If you are in another time zone, you will have to adjust your schedule to take the exam at its scheduled time in Provo. If you are outside the country in a time zone that makes that nearly impossible, please contact your professor and Dean Hurt for options for rescheduling.


Does each exam have a different subject line? If so where can I find it?

For exams with short answer or essay portions, unless instructed by your professor otherwise, each exam will have its own subject line.
It will be listed in the exam instructions and in the Student Answer Template.


Where is the password for my exam?

It will be in the exam’s instructions or questions or both.


Will the exam clock start as soon as I click into the exam?

Yes. It will, but as noted above, most exams that have short answer or essays will have an additional 15 minutes added to the scheduled time for you to get started downloading and printing the exam.


What happens if I lose track of time and I run out of time before I submit my exam?

For multiple choice portions of the exam, the exam will close automatically. For short answer and essay portions using the for submission, just submit your exam and the proctor will note any late submissions to the faculty.


Can I test submission of my exam?

Yes, follow the instructions on the course schedule page.


Will professors have more detailed instructions than the sample listed of the course schedule page?

Likely yes, you should read all instructions before you start answering questions.


What if I lose my internet connection while using Canvas?

If it is a multiple-choice exam, log back in, Canvas should save your most recently submitted answer. If you try multiple times and still cannot connect, please contact your proctor.
If it is an essay exam, just keep writing and save your work. If you cannot reconnect by the exam end time, contact your proctor.


Can we download the exams before the scheduled time?

It depends on the class. If the professor makes the file feature of Canvas available to you, you will be able to see the exam pdf and download it. It should be pdf protected—if it isn’t, please contact your proctor or professor. The password should be in the instructions to your exam, which will open at the scheduled time.


When we open the exam on Canvas does the exam timing start or do we have some time to print the exam?

Unless the professor has specifically objected, we have added 15 minutes to any exam that has a short answer or essay component that requires downloading a password protected pdf.


If our professor allows us to use an outline, can we have that open on the computer during the exam and be allowed to copy and paste from it?

That is a great question for your professors. Again, unless a professor specifically asked for it to be restricted, we have made pdf’s copy and pasteable, and if the instructions don’t prohibit using the electronic version of your outline, you should be able to use it in any way that you are used to using Microsoft Word.
The faculty member is the only one who can tell you what is specifically allowed or restricted. This is a new environment for them, so they might appreciate the question.


When do we have to submit & email the exam word document? For example, if the exam is 3 hours and starts at 1:00 does that mean it must be submitted by 4:00 and no later?

Yes, in the scenario where your professor allows us to give you the extra 15 minutes for the exam, you would be able to submit it up to 4:15. As long as your professor is using the w20exmas@law.byu email submission, it will allow you to submit it late, but late submissions will be noted in a report to faculty members when they are sent the exams to grade.
For multiple choice, when the exam closes, it submits the exam for you and you are done.


How will ADA accommodations be handled?

Through exam proctors. For Canvas-based exams, the time will be added before the exam starts. You will be able to see the extra time on the exam clock.

If you have requested distraction-reduced space to take the exam, a space at a specific time, based on when the original exam was scheduled, will be reserved for you. Because the Governor’s current order discourages travel and congregation, this is only provided as a potential location. If the law school and or library is closed by University or Public order, students needing distraction-reduced testing locations will have to find someplace else. Students with exams that can can be taken any time, e.g. an exam that has been changed to run the entire exam period, can either use the space reserved for them at the original exam time or find another space someplace else.


Proctors are only available between 8:00 and 5:00 M – F. What if I have a problem with my exam outside those days and hours?

If you have concerns about support, you may want to choose times to take your exam when an exam proctor is available. David Armond (801-422-4258) will be available from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm M – F. If for some reason you can’t take the exam between 8:00 am and 8:00 pm M – F, document the problem you are having by sending an email to the exam proctor. She or he will forward the information to the professor and Dean Hurt, and they will determine what next steps to take.


Who is professor Kingsfield and why is he teaching contracts this semester?

Professor Kingsfield is a fictional character from the film and later TV show The Paper Chase. Though the actor who played Kingfield may have visited BYU, we have no record of him ever teaching Contracts.